Spider Lily

Hymenocallis littoralisis native to South America. The genus Hymenocallis is named from the Greek word ‘hymen’, which means membrane, and ‘callos’, which means beauty. The name Hymenocallis thus means ‘beautiful membrane’. It refers to the thin membrane connecting the
filaments of the flower. Spider lily is a bulbous ornamental plant which grows to a height of 45-60 cm tall. Spider lily has long, broad and strap shaped dark green leaves which grow directly from an underground bulb. It is cultivated for its white, fragrant spidery shaped spectacular showy flowers. The white flowers have long narrow reflexed petals behind a central staminal cup. They
have long green stamen filaments and extremely long, hanging petals, resembling a spider. The long and narrow petals have a thin membrane between them, which probably describes the origin of its scientific name. In a single well developed plant, 2-3 flower umbels are produced at a time. An umbel produces 9-10 flowers on its head.

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