Taluka Seed Multiplication Scheme

A No. Scheme Detailed information

1Name of the scheme:Taluka Seed Multiplication Scheme Scheme Scheme (2401 0261)
2The year started in the scheme1957
3Type of scheme:State Plan - Plan Scheme
4Center and state share in the scheme:100 percent state
5Provision for the current year for the scheme (2016-17):Rs. 28.46 crores
6Mode of Payment:Grants-in-aid to the farmer by the sub-divisional agricultural officer
7Grant Threshold:-
8Objective of the scheme:Seed production on taluka seed multiplication farm
9Name of the Scheme Applicable for:Not applicable
10The key terms of the schemeNot applicable
11The nature of the benefit received:Not applicable
12Interval period to provide benefits to beneficiaries:Not applicable
14Number of beneficiaries / group / group:185 taluka seed multiplication fields
15Name and address of contact office:The concerned sub-divisional agricultural officer's office