Surajdhara Scheme and Annapurna Scheme for State Demonstration


The objective of the SURAJDHARA and ANNAPURNA scheme is  to provide seeds of improved and high yielding varieties for cereals, oil seeds and pulse crops, through replacement of old varieties. It shall cover small and marginal farmers of ST and SC categories. In order to get these seeds the farmers will have to give the non certified seed which is 25% of the received certified seed.

Both Annapurna and Surajdhara schemes has these 3 components

Seed Exchange

Seed Self Reliance

Seed Production

Under these schemes there are various crops to be covered in Kharif and the Rabi Season, these crops are as follows:

1.      Kharif

i.      Pulses: arhar, moong, urad.

ii.     Oilseeds: soyabean, til, ramtil (niger), castor, groundnut, sunflower.

iii.      Cereals: rice, maize, jowar, kodo ? kutki.

2.      Rabi/Summer

i.      Pulses: gram, pea, lentil, teora, moong, urad.

ii.     Oilseeds: safflower, mustard, toria, rapeseed, linseed, castor, sunflower, ramtil

(Niger), groundnut.

iii.    Cereals: wheat, gram.