Sugarcane Development Program under RAUSAUA

ANo. Scheme Detailed information

1Name of the scheme:Sugarcane Development Program under RAUSAUA
2Year of the plan started:2014-15
3Type of scheme:National Food Security Campaign
4Center and state share in the scheme:100 percent in 2014-15. Center in 2015-16: State 60: 40 percent.
5Provision of current year for the scheme (2016-17):314.98 (amount is in line)
6Procedure for grant of beneficiaries:The grant in the scheme is deposited on the beneficiary's bank account.
7Grant Threshold:
8Objective of the scheme:
9Scheme for the candidates whose name:Farmers from SC / ST, women farmers and general groups.
10Key Terms of Scheme:Must have own farm land
11The nature of the benefit received:
12Estimated time required to provide beneficiary benefits:3 to 4 weeks
13Spending:381.16 (amount in line)
14Beneficiary number / group / group:13000 beneficiaries
15Name and address of the contact office:The concerned Board Agriculture Officer / Taluka Agricultural Officer