State Horticulture Mission Schemes (Nursery) 2018-19

The element

Grants (rate)

Desirable standard

High-tech nurseries (on project basis)


40% subsidy.

                                        Maximum Rs. 10 lakhs.


50,000 thyme of long term fruit trees, plant crops and plantation crops should be produced at least one year.


Small nurseries (on project basis)


50% subsidy.

                                        Maximum 7.5 Lakhs.


25,000 Thais of long term fruit trees, tree crops and plant crops should be produced.



Infrastructure development of nurseries (On the project basis)


Maximum Rs. 10 lakhs.

A hectare of 4 hectares of Rs 2.5 lakh per hectare.


100% for public sector and 50% for private sector.