Special Agricultural Zone

A new concept of Special Agricultural Development Zones (SAZ) was introduced in 2017-18 for convergence based result oriented scheme preparation and implementation for focused project based interventions in identified potential zones. 1-5 blocks in contiguous areas based on minimum area under the selected crop, potential for production, soil and climatic conditions etc. are the criteria for the selection of zones in each district. Production, marketing, processing, value addition, storage, irrigation etc. are covered in each zone. Interest free loan provided to farmers of each SAZ and the interest subsidy met by Government. he facilities in each SAZ are Agro Service Centres including soil testing labs and call centre, plant health clinics, weather stations and advisories, biopharmacy including on farm production units, planting materials production units, markets , processing and value addition units, irrigation support, credit interventions if required, extension including ICT based initiatives, community Radio, farmers markets supported by LSGIs, procurement system for surplus production, promotion of farmer technology development and training to farmers on convergence mode. A separate monitoring system introduced for projects in SAZ. The SAZ introduced for rice, vegetables, banana, coconut, floriculture and tribal agriculture.