Seed Village Programme

  The Seed Village Programme was introduced in Rabi 2004-05 in the state by state Govt. of A.P. and from Rabi 2005-06 onwards the Scheme is being implemented as per the norms of GOI.


The Seed Village scheme ensures supply of quality certified seed of notified varieties to the farmers in time at their places at affordable prices besides ensuring quick multiplication of new seed varieties in a shorter time in that mandal /district based on the crop situation.                                                                                                                                        Compact area approach needs to be followed under this scheme.  The number of farmers for a unit of 10 Ha. may be minimum of 25 and also subject to a maximum of 150.

Funding Pattern: 60% Central share and 40% State share.

 The following incentives will be provided to farmers under this scheme as per GOI norms.

Supply of Foundation seed on 50% subsidy for cereals and 60% subsidy for oilseeds and pulses.

Trainings: 3 one day trainings will be conducted to the farmers on seed production technology.