Scheme for financial assistance for State sponsored organic fertilizer production unit

A No. Scheme Detailed information

1Name of the scheme:Scheme for financial assistance for State sponsored organic fertilizer production unit
2Year of the plan started:2013-14
3Type of scheme:Finance Scheme for State-sponsored organic fertilizer production unit
4Center and state share in the scheme:State sponsored scheme is 100 percent
5Provision of the current year for the scheme:Absolute
6Procedure for granting benefit to beneficiaries:Personal Benefit Plan by Check
7Grant Threshold:25.00 lakhs
8The purpose of the scheme:1. Increase the use of organic fertilizers in agricultural production2. To promote organic manure production in the government / semi-private / private sector
9Category for the plan that is for the scheme:All Categories
10Key Terms of Scheme:1. Organic fertilizer production unit must have capacity of 150.0 MT.2. A real product must be started within one year after approval of the payment.3. Must be kept at least 5 years after approval of the production unit grant.4. Approved subsidy is provided only for purchase of glassware and packing material for the raw material of the equipment.5. Proposal should be linked to loan from the project national bank.
11The nature of the benefit received:Approved subsidy is provided only for the purchase of glassware packaging materials for glass materials and chemicals. 25 per cent of the expenditure or maximum Rs 25.0 lakh.
12An intermediary to provide benefits to the beneficiaries:3 months
14Number of beneficiaries / group / group:Absolute
15Name and address of contact office:District Superintendent of Agriculture Officer Offices of the respective district