National Pulse Development Project.(NPDP)


It is a district oriented mission program to achieve the increased level of productivity and production through adoption of location specific varieties and improved production technology. The two pronged approach i.e.

Increasing the area through multiple and inter cropping and Increasing yield per unit area, is being adopted to achieve the objective.

S. No.Name of The Component
1Production Of Breeder Seeds
2Production Of Foundation Seeds
3Production Of Certified Seeds
4Disr\tribution Of Certified Seed
5Distribution of Gypsum/Pyrite
6Block Demonstration
7Improved Farm Implements
8Farmers Training
9Seed Treatment with Chemicals
10IPM Demonstration
12Distribution of Rhy. and PSB
13Micro Nutrient
14Distribution of Sprinkler Sets
15P.P. Equipment
16Distribution of Herbicide/Weedicide
17Staff and Contingency