National Horticulture Board (NHB) Scheme

National Horticulture Board, Government of India(NHB) has its Gujarat office at APMC, Jamalpur, Ahmedabad. It provides a plethora of incentives for establishing of infrastructure and facilitate development of horticulture.

Sr. No. National Horticulture Board (NHB) Schemes

1Development of commercial horticulture through production and post harvest management The NHB schemes are varied and depend upon whether the project is production/ processing/ marketing related and range from bee-keeping to Bio-technology, horticulture covering a vast spectrum of components ( such as herbs, aromatic, medicinal plants, biotechnology tissue culture, bio pesticides, organic foods, pre-cooling units \ cool stores, reefer vans, containers, retail outlets, auction, platform, Horticulture ancillary units etc)Back-ended subsidy varies from 20 % of the project cost with a maximum of Rs 25 lacs..
2Capital investment subsidy for construction/ modernization/ expansion of cold storage and other storages for horticulture produce.In collaboration with NABARD& NCDC projects up-to 5000 MT capacity and not exceeding RS 2 crore with 25% promoter's contribution, 50% term loan & 25% capital investment subsidy.
3Technology development and transfer. This includes introduction of new technologies, expert services from abroad, seminars, study tours etc.100 %financial assistance up-to RS 10 lacs/ project for production related and RS 25 lacs to R&D efforts and actual/ limited reimbursement of expenses.
4Establishment of nutritional gardens in rural areas. Distribution of fruit plant & vegetable seeds in minikits etc.RS 250 fee per minikit per family
5Market Information service for Horticulture crops. Information of wholesale prices, arrivals ,trends .100% financial assistance
6Horticulture promotion service. Techno-economic feasibility studies, develop strategies etc.100% financial assistance and studies through professional consultants.