Model Nurseries- Schemes through SHM

Model Nurseries are intended to serve as a model for the production of superior quality planting materials on a commercial basis. To meet the requirements of planting material for bringing additional areas under improved varieties of horticultural crops and for rejuvenation programme in old/senile plantations, assistance would be provided for setting up of new nurseries under Public as well as Private sector. It has been estimated that a Model nursery with an area of 4 ha would cost Rs.18.00 lakhs per unit. The Model nurseries, which would be established under the Public sector will be eligible for 100 percent assistance of maximum of Rs. 18.00 lakhs per unit. It would be the responsibility of the nurseries to ensure quality of the planting material. The nursery will be laid out in a compact area of 4 ha. For model nurseries in the private sector the assistance will be 50 percent of the cost subject to a maximum of Rs.9.00 lakhs per unit. Regarding establishment of model nurseries in the department farms separate action plan for each nursery will be prepared by concerned Farm superintendent or Agricultural officer and scrutinized by the District level Deputy Director of Agriculture (Horticulture), [DDA (H)]. District Level Committee (DLC) of State Horticulture Mission (SHM) will approve the action plans. Similarly in the case of private farms the action plans submitted by the entrepreneurs will be approved by DLC after scrutiny by the DDA (H) of the districts concerned following the instructions issued earlier. Registers should be maintained showing the calendar of operations as well as action taken weekly during the nursery preparation. Periodical inspection has to be done by the scientists of nearby stations of KAU and Principal Agricultural Officers of the district may record comments then and there. A team comprising of PAO, DDA (H), Professor of KAU, and Scientists from ICAR/CSIR should visit periodically and certify the quality of the planting materials produced before its distribution.