iFarmer- Kisan

"ifarmer KISAN is an app developed by keeping farmers in mind and to help farmers by providing all the relevant information to them such as Market Prices of various Mandis in India , Commodity Pricing of all agriculture products traded in markets all over India, Weather report will provide them a comprehensive details of weather such as Max Temp, Minimum Temp, Forecast for 10 days , Wind Speed, Direction of wind ,Visibility , Dealers list will contain Fertilizers, Pesticides, Machinery dealers , Organic Fertilizers, Agro advisory services, Buy and sell option posting leads for ifarmer subscribers which will enable them to get the best mean average price for the Farming Community ( BMA ) , Plant protection Techniques and Technologies, Cultivation Methods that has been suggested by various organizations such as Indian Institute of Rice Research (IIRR) formerly DRR , ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, IRRI is a research and education center established to reduce poverty and hunger.

iFarmer- Kisan iFarmer- Kisan iFarmer- Kisan