ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research

Research on Oil Palm under irrigated  conditions  is practically a new start and the Indian Council  of  Agricultural  Research established the National Research  Centre  for  Oil  Palm ( later renamed as Directorate of Oil Palm Research) at  Pedavegi in West  Godavari  district of  Andhra  Pradesh on February 19,1995.  In  November 2014, the  institute  was  upgraded  as Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) to cater to oil  palm research requirements across the country. IIOPR serves as a centre for conducting and coordinating  research  on  all  aspects  of  oil palm conservation, improvement, production, protection, post-harvest technology  and transfer of technology. This  institute  has a research  centre at Palode near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.



ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research Pedavegi ,West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, Pincode- 534 450,India