Drought area development under the National Shastla Agriculture Mission

Name of the scheme:Drought area development under the National Shastla Agriculture Mission
2The year started in the scheme2014-15
3Type of scheme:Centrally sponsored schemeCenter and state share in the scheme: - 60 percent central and 40 percent state
4The purpose of the plan(1) To increase the livelihood of new productive resources by providing sustainable increase in the productivity of the farmers.(2) Avoiding losses due to unexpected changes in drought, floods and climate by adopting different integrated farming practices.(3) To improve agricultural productivity and to provide employment to the society using updated agricultural technology.(4) Increasing confidence of farmers in dryland farming by reducing risks in agricultural production in the dryland area.
5Name of the Scheme Applicable for:For all the categories
6Key Terms of Scheme:A) Selection of the area which is not available for permanent irrigation facility is necessary. Selection of two projects from each subdivision.B) Project area likely to be in one village. But in exceptional circumstances, the choice of two to three villages for the project.The villages in which the schemes are implemented before the dryland Sustainable Agriculture Development Program (RADP), the Drought Zone Area Development (RAD) and the dry farming program, which are implemented.
7Number of beneficiaries / group / group number of beneficiariesNumber of beneficiaries: 2014-15 - 32087Number of beneficiaries: 2015-16 - 35187 approx
8The nature of the benefit to be given:Integrated farming system, 50% subsidy due to crop based, fruit-based farming practices, dairy based farming practices, livestock based farming practices, forestry based farming practices. Apart from this, the subsidy payable of 50% subsidy to the Green House and Launched Tunnel Polyhouse, apiary, post harvest and storage technology, water storage devices, water management, earthfill fertilizer and improved storage in sub-components of agricultural development and value addition, as well as mortgage units, community farming and 100% subsidy is payable for these matters.Procedure for granting the beneficiaries: At the taluka level, bank accounts of beneficiary beneficiaries are collected.Subsidy Limit: - Under the Rare Dredging Area (RAD), subsidy of Rs.1,00,000 / - per farmer family is allowed under the limit of 2 hectare.
9Expenses till date
10Estimated time to process:If the funds are available, approximately 1 month or two months
11Name and address of the contact officer:Taluka Agriculture Officer's office at Talukastar and District Superintending Agriculture Officer at district level
12Online Application Website:There are no such features yet.