Crops Pest and Surveillance Project (CropSap)

1Name of the scheme:Crops Pest and Surveillance Project (CropSap)
2The year started in the scheme2009-10
3Type of scheme:Under the scheme: 100 percent state planCenter and state share in the scheme: - Center - 0 percent, state - 100 percent
4The purpose of the planTo provide free consultation to farmers for conducting scientific survey of pests / diseases of pest / diseases and to create awareness about insect pests in farmers, provide insecticides to farmers in emergency situations.Provision of current year for the scheme: - (2016-17) 11.00 crores (proposed) (Rs.6.00 crores approved as per White Book)Mode of payment: - For the management of pests and diseases on soybean, cotton, rice, tur and gram crops, farmers are advised to get scientifically and free advice through SMS. Supply of insecticide products in emergency situations.Under the grant limit scheme, farmers are advised to get scientifically and free advice through SMS for the management of pests / diseases of crops. Under emergency conditions, the distribution of pesticides is provided on 50% subsidy (within Rs.750 / - per hectare) as per available program in the district.
5Name of the Scheme Applicable for:Generally, all classes of farmers.
6Key Terms of Scheme:The plan is to register on m-Kisan portal for advice through SMS.
7Documents required
8The nature of the benefit to be given:Scientific and free consultation is being provided to SSP farmers for the management of pests / diseases of soybean, cotton, rice, tur and gram crops.Spending up till nowExpenditure incurred in the year: - (Rupee Koti)2009-10: - 23.002010-11: - 6.582011-12: - 9.592012-13: - 10.532013-14: - 10.452014-15: - 8.142015-16: - 7.00Total: - 75.29Number of Beneficiaries / Groups / Groups Registered on m-Kisan Portal: - 50.70 LacsElements of the scheme and its brief information: -1. Regular survey of pests / diseases on crops and free treatment is given to farmers for their management according to the intensity of pest disease.2. Awareness is created among the farmers through training of pest management, village meetings, various media etc.3. Pesticide supply is provided on 50% subsidy, in coordination with law schemes where the incidence of pest infestation is increased.Problems while implementing the scheme: -The funding for the scheme is mainly due to the expenditure on contractual employees' wages and travel expenses.Future planning of the scheme: -1. Developing an automated system for sending SMS to pest management on maximum farmers in the state.2. Developing a predictive system for the spread of pest diseasesBeneficiary Selection Committees and their jurisdiction: - Not applicable
9The method of application
10Estimated time to process:Farmers have been advised to send advice to SMS on m-Kisan Portal through SMS from the beginning of harvesting of pest / pest management.
11Name and address of the contact officer:Associated District Superintendent Agriculture Officer / Sub-Divisional Agricultural Officer / Taluka Agricultural Officer / Board Agriculture Officer Contact Officer and Name of the State and Central and Commissionerate Level -1. Mr. Subhash Ghadge, Deputy Director (Farm Protection), Ph: 020-255132422. Mr. M. S. Gholap, Joint Director, Extension and Training-3, Phone: 020-25512815
12Online Application Website: