Command Area Development and Water Management Programme

Concerned Department : Agriculture Department Concerned District : Cuddalore Organisation Name : Agricultural Engineering Scheme Details Title / Name : Command Area Development and Water Management Programme Associated Scheme : Sponsored By : Shared Funding Pattern : 50-50 (Centre - State ) (Equally Shared Scheme) Beneficiaries : Farmers Benefits Types : Subsidy Eligibility criteria Income : -- Age : -- Community : -- How To Avail : 1.Assistant Executive Engineer, AED in the Revenue Division. 2.Executive Engineer, AED in the District. 3.Superintending Engineer, AED in the Region. 4.Chief Engineer,Agricultural Engineering Department, Nandanam, Chennai-35. Phone 2435 2686 , 2435 2622 Validity of the Scheme Introduced On : May 07, 2012 Description : 1.To bridge the gap between the irrigation potential created and utilized 2.To improve the water use efficiency in canal irrigated areas 3.To ensure equity distribution of irrigation water from head reach to tail end.