Cazri Krishi- Arid Crops

“CAZRI Krishi” a bilingual mobile app, an initiative taken to strengthen the development of region with expanded knowledge and developed technologies. It is a farmer participatory platform where the developed technologies and innovations by ICAR-CAZRI will readily be available for the best utilization. The “CAZRI Krishi” covers almost all the fields that directly or indirectly affect the agricultural productivity of arid region. Just by clicking a button, farmers can get the information on weather, agro advisories, crop husbandry, plant protection, IPM Practices, farm implements and solar devices. The app formalize the direct communication with the prime stake holder of agricultural research community and step to make relationship strongest ever with the help of recent digital revolution.

Cazri Krishi- Arid Crops Cazri Krishi- Arid Crops Cazri Krishi- Arid Crops