Biotechnology and Best Agriculture Growth (GEEP) Project 2018-19

The element

Grants (rate)

worthy of hatamanadantam

PG Certificate (including agriculture and certification) implemented through VFPCK in Kasaragod district

6000 / ha

(3000 / ha for organic farming, Rs. 3000 / - per hectare certificate)

Organic farming through cluster 

75,000 / cluster

Agriculture should be based on cluster formation of 25 hectares.

The formation of the echoes

Rs.2 Lakhs / Eucharate

Organic farming groups. One lakh rupees will be provided with basic infrastructure and Rs 1 lakh revolving funds.

Packaging, branding, and clusters for direct sale.

Three lakh / municipality / corporation

Farmers groups with GE certification quotas can sell biotech products in the label 'Kerala Organic'.