Biological control of crop Pests

Concerned Department : Agriculture Department Concerned District : Ariyalur Organisation Name : Agriculture Production Scheme Details Title / Name : Biological control of crop Pests Associated Scheme : Sponsored By : Central Funding Pattern : Beneficiaries : Farmers Benefits Types : Incentives Eligibility criteria Income : -- Age : -- Community : -- Other Details : -- How To Avail : Village Level Assistant Agricultural officer Block Level Deputy Agricultural Officer / Agricultural Officer and Assistant Director of Agriculture District Level Joint Director of Agriculture Validity of the Scheme Introduced On : May 07, 2012 Valid Upto : -- Description : i). Supply of Green Muscardine fungus for the control of Rhinoceros beetle in coconut – free of cost ii) Supply of parasites for the control of Black Headed Caterpillar in coconut – 35/- as service charge iii) Supply of parasite for the control of early Shoot and Inter node borer in Sugarcane – 40/- per ha.