Bio- mass Planting Activities

Concerned Department : Agriculture Department Concerned District : All Districts Organisation Name : Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Scheme Details Title / Name : Bio- mass Planting Activities - (as per Forest Schedule of rates) Associated Scheme : Sponsored By : State Funding Pattern : Beneficiaries : Farmers Benefits Types : Subsidy Eligibility criteria Income : -- Age : -- Community : -- Other Details : -- How To Avail : Chairman / District Collector, Project Officer/ Joint Director of Agriculture, District Watershed Development Agency at District level Validity of the Scheme Introduced On : May 07, 2012 Description : Bag Size Tree crops (10mX10m spacing) 30cmx45cm Tree crops (2mX2m spacing)16cmx30 cm Fodder Tree crops (5mX5m spacing) 13cmx25cm Pit Size Tree crops (10mX10mspacing) 1mx1mx1m Tree crops (2mX2m spacing) 0.6mx0.6mx0.6m Fodder Tree crops (5mX5m spacing) 0.45mx0.45mx 0.45m No. of plants per acre Tree crops (10mX10m spacing)- 40 Tree crops (2mX2m spacing)