APEDA Scheme

To facilitate the exporters of Gujarat to take the benefit of APEDA's wide range of schemes, its virtual office has been started at GAIC Ahmedabad. The exporters can contact us to know about the schemes, how to apply and the status of their application.

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)-Under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.

Sr. No. Financial Type Financial amount

1For feasibility studies, surveys, consultancy & data base up-gradation50% to 100% of the cost subject to ceiling of Rs 2 lacs to RS 10 lacs
2For infrastructure development, such as purchase of specialized transport units for meat, horticulture and floriculture sector, packaging material, sheds for intermediate storage & grading, fumigation etc.25% to 50% of the cost subject to a ceiling of RS 2.50 to 5 lacs per beneficiary.
3Scheme for export promotion and market development, including supply of samples, literature, buyer-seller meet, exhibitions abroad etc.40% to 100% of the cost subject to specific ceilings.
4Scheme for packaging development including standards and design for domestic and export markets.50% or RS 5 lacs of cost of development
5Scheme for assistance to promote quality and quality control50% of the cost subject to a ceiling of RS 2 lacs per beneficiary.