Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA)


Specific provisions (only for Women)



Support for Women Food Security Groups (FSGs)

Groups exclusively of women farmer established and supported under ATMA Cafeteria as a mandatory activity @ Rs. 0.10 lakh per group/year to achieve food security at the domestic/house hold level through setting up of kitchen garden, promoting off farm activities such as piggery, goat-rearing, bee-keeping etc.Support available for at least 2 FSGs / Block.


Support for Gender Coordinator

One 'Gender Coordinator'/State in the team of committed extension personnel under ATMA to ensure that funds and benefits for training/capacity Building and extension support etc. are provided to them in proportion to their numbers.


Representation of Women farmers in decision making bodies

Provision for mandatory representation of women Farmers inState, District, Block Farmer Advisory Committees ATMA Governing & ATMA Management Committee at District Level


As Beneficiary

At least 30% of total scheme beneficiaries are to be women; andMinimum 30% of resources meant for programmes and activities are to be allocated to women farmers and women extension functionaries.