Agricultural mechanization sub-campaign

ANo. Scheme Detailed information

1Name of the scheme:Agricultural mechanization sub-campaign
2Year of launch:2014-15
3Type of scheme:Under the Centrally Sponsored Agricultural Improvement Scheme, under the Agricultural Mechanization sub-campaign, supply of tools to the farmers on subsidy and the establishment of agricultural equipment banks etc.
4Center and state share in the scheme:Center share 60 percent state share 40 percent
5Current year provision for the scheme (2016-17):Rs. The annual plan of 51.94 crores has been approved for approval by the state government.
6Mode of Payment:The amount of subsidy is deposited with the beneficiary's bank account.
7Grant Threshold:
8Objective of the scheme:The main aim of the sub-campaign is to promote agricultural mechanics, to increase energy utilization in farming, and to provide the mechanical service facilities to the farmers at reasonable rates.
9Name of the Applicable Scheme:
10Key Terms of Scheme:
11The nature of the benefit received:Agricultural mechanization sub-components are included in the subsidiary for the supply of agricultural equipments approved by the Central Government under the Central Government and approved by the State Government. In addition to that, the facility of mechanization for farmers is being provided by farmers by establishing the Agricultural Machinery Service Facilitation Centers (Tool Bank) under component-4. The Central Government has developed the highest level of grants for agricultural equipment in the form of grants, and the subsidy limit for the beneficiaries of the minor, minor beneficiaries, women beneficiaries, scheduled castes and tribes up to 50 percent and 40 percent for other beneficiaries. Grant limitation up to 40% of the project cost for Krishi Aujare Bank is Rs. Grant of subsidy is up to a maximum limit of Rs.24.00 lakhs for the installation of Equipment Banking upto 60.00 lakhs.
12An intermediary to provide benefits to the beneficiaries:30 days
13Spending:Rs. 5093.4 million
14Number of beneficiaries / group / group:
15Name and address of contact office:Agricultural Director (Livin and Quality Control), Agricultural Commissionerate, Central Building, Pune-E-Mail - '/