ICAR-National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management

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About Institute

ICAR-NIASM, an unique institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), was established in 2009 at Malegaon Khurd, Baramati. The institute aims at exploring the avenues for management of abiotic stresses affecting the very sustainability of national food production systems. It specifically addresses the aberration induced stresses due to atmospheric, water and edaphic factors, which are estimated to cause 50 per cent losses in crop productivity. Since these stresses are predicted to amplify due to climate change and land degradation, the primary task for the institute is to evolve alleviation techniques through advances in frontier science research. The institute is being structured to enhance capacity of scientists and policy makers mainly by imparting  knowledge and by providing the state-of-art  facilities for multidisciplinary and multi-commodity research.


  • Basic and strategic research on management of abiotic  stresses in crop plants, livestock, fishes and soil microorganisms
  • Impart quality education in abiotic stress management and emerge as a Global Centre of Excellence
  • Repository of information on abiotic stresses, mitigation strategies and acceptable  policies for knowledge sharing and capacity building
  • Develop linkages for holistic management of abiotic and biotic stress factors


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