ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB)

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Transfer of erstwhile Progeny Testing Bull Farm Hisar from the Haryana State Government, to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in the year 1985, paved the way for the establishment of the Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (CIRB) . Available infrastructure, land, assets and buffalo herd of the Progeny Testing Bull Farm were transferred to the CIRB and the Institute started functioning from 1st February 1985 at Hisar. The Institute has approved cadre strength of 40 scientists of which 34 scientists are in position, including at the sub-campus.

The sub-campus was established in December 1987 at Bir Dosanjh, Nabha, District Patiala with the transfer of Nili- Ravi Buffalo Farm from the Punjab State Government.

Soon after its establishment, the institute came to lime-light in the 'buffalo world' by successfully hosting the II World Buffalo Congress during 1988. As the young and enthusiastic scientists joined its ranks, the institute embarked upon active research programmes to unravel the physiological, nutritional and geneti virtues and distinctiveness of this species through numerous research projects including some outside funded projects and others with international cooperation as well.

The institute carries out research on various aspects of buffalo improvement including conservation of germplasm, development of optimum diets and feeding systems, enhancement of reproductive efficiency and health management practices for augmenting milk, meat and draught performance of the species.


Mandate of the Institute

  • To undertake research and transfer of technology on all aspects of buffalo production.
  • To establish nucleus breeding herds of important buffalo breeds.
  • To act as repository of information on all aspects of buffalo production and development.



To develop and propagate high yielding elite buffalo germplasm for quality milk and meat production while retaining inherent draught ability across different regions of the country.



To improve the buffalo through identification, conservation and propagation of elite germplasm; having high efficiency of reproduction and nutrient utilization for sustainable production and commercialization.


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