Frequently Asked Questions in Krishi Vigyan Kendras

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Frequently Asked Questions in Krishi Vigyan Kendras


  1. How to overcome flower drop in chillies?

Spray NAA 10 PPM alongwith IIHR vegetable special  ( micronutrient & Humic acid ) @ 5g/litre of water on 30,45 & 60th days after planting.

  1. How to overcome fruit cracking in tomato?

Apply borax @ 10kg /ha. As basal & foliar spraying of borax @ 2.5g/lit of water at 3 times, during fruit setting to ripening stage at 15 days interval.

  1. How to overcome flower drop in tomato?

Spray triacontanol 1PPm at 15 days after transplanting and full bloom stage

  1. How to overcome yellowing/whitening in tapioca?

Apply ZnSO4  and FeSO4  each 5 kg /ha as basal and foliar spraying of the same @ 0.5% at 60 & 90 days after planting.

  1. How to do sett treatment in tapioca?

Cut the setts at 15 cm length and dip the cut end in carbendazim 1g /lit of water.

  1. How to overcome immature fruit drop in bittergourd?

Spray Ethrel 100 ppm 4 times from 15 days after sowing at weekly intervals and foliar spraying of boron 3 mg/litre of water during flowering stage.

  1. How to overcome flower and fruit drop in Acidlime?

Spray NAA 30 ppm and foliar spraying of  ZnSO4 (0.5%) Mn SO4 (0.5%) and urea (0.1%) 2 times at flowering to fruit setting stage.

  1. What is the advantage of raising seedlings under shadenet?

It prevents the seedlings from natural disaster and pest and diseases. “Healthy seedlings without affecting from adverse climate.” It provides optimum sunlight which is enough for seed germination and seedling growth.

  1. What is pro tray?

Propagation trays, having the dimension of 54 cm in length and 27 cm in breadth with a cavity depth of 4 cm.

  1. What is the advantage in pro trays?
  • Provide independent area for each seed to germinate.
  • Improve germination and minimizes wastage of expensive seeds.
  • Ease in handling
  • Better root development and less damage while transplanting
  • Highest Germination and Healthy seedling.
  1. How to apply fertilizer for coconut?

Form a trench of 30cm depth 1.5 – 1.8 m away from the trunk.  Apply 20 kg FYM or Compost /plant.   On which apply the recommended dose of fertilizer and close the trench with the soil dug out from the trench.

  1. When to apply fertilizer for coconut?

1/3 of recommended dose during April – May

2/3 of recommended dose during Sept. – Oct.

  1. What is the recommended dose of fertilizer for coconut?

Years after Planting

Urea (kg)

Super (Kg)

MOP (Kg.)

1 year




2nd Year




3rd Year




4th Year




5th Year and above




  1. How to control button shedding in coconut?

Root feeding with mineral mixure

  1. How to improve bulb quality in small onion

Application of K2O (30 Kg per ha) and foliar spraying of ZnSO4   (0.5%)  and CuSO4  (0.5%)  and Borax (0.3%)

  1. How to pollinate Gloriosa flower?

Flower to flower rubbing method using cotton /  cloth.

  1. Preventing Damping off in vegetable seedlings

Raised bed nursery method

  1. Best conventional method of nursery raising

Raised bed with line sowing

  1. Best season  for vegetable cultivation

Jan-Feb and July -Aug.

  1. Best Moringa variety for kitchen garden


  1. Source of vegetable seeds purchase

Horticulture college  & Research institute periyakulam

  1. Chilli variety suitable for sampa season.

K1 and K2

Can we use growth regulators to increase bunch development  in banana? Name the growth regulators? Give the quantity.?

Growth regulators can be used. 2-4 D @25 ppm spray (25 ml/lt) should be given through the leaves. This should be done when the last hand in the bunch appears. Plancozeb@ 2 ml/ lt of water shold be sprayed at the 6th and 8 th month.

What should be done to induse uniform flowering in Pineapple.

When the plant bears around 40 leaves, pour 50 ml of the mixture (20 ppm Ethrel and 2 % (20 g in 1 litre of water)on the crown part of the plant. One month after fruit emergence spray 100 ppm Planofix.

How to regenerate old trees of mango and amla?

Old trees should be cut back to 3-4 m from ground level during Dec- Jan. on the cut part apply Cow dung or Copper oxy chloride paste. New shoots grow from the cut parts. Allow only 4-6 strong cut shoots (growing in the sides) by removing the others. In June- July these shoots may either be cleft grafted or patch budded with quality scion material.

Name the amla varieties that give high yield.

Kanchan, Krishna, NA 7, banarasi, PSR.1.

What is the reason for poor fruit set in amla. How to rectify this?

In highly irrigated soils, the foliage growth increases and this might reduce fruit set. This problem persists when the same variety is grown. By growing different varieties in each row natural pollination is favoured and this increases fruit set and yield.

What is the population to be maintained in High density planting? What is the spacing?
      In high density planting 2 suckers are planted in one pit. Spacing depends on the variety.
                  Robusta, Grand Nine  -  3.6  *  1.8 m
                  Nendran                     -   3     *     2 m