World Veterinary Day Workshop At Avikanagar


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Avikanagr , World Veterinary Day , which every year is celebrated on the last Saturday of April , on the occasion dated 30 Apral , 20l9 Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute , formerly a workshop Institute which was held in Avikanagr director and Veterinarian Dr. S.A. Karim was the chief guest. Workshop topic " Importance of vaccination in animal husbandry " Speaking on the occasion Dr. Karim told that the disease prevention treatment is a better option than vaccination. This increases the livelihood and production capacity of the animal and the farmers get good economic benefits. Institution director Dr. Arthabandhu Sahu said on this occasion that animal husbandry has contributed greatly in increasing animal production. The best animal care is the most important factor in good animal management and production. He further informed that for the next three days, animals will be treated by applying veterinary camp in the technical transit area and the timely information of the animals will be provided to the farmers. On this occasion Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar , Dr Raghavendra Singh and Dr. AK Shinde also gave lectures and told that the veterinarians work in uneven conditions. It is a difficult task to treat the berefted animals and to keep them healthy, the veterinarians recover the animals by treating them on the basis of disease symptoms. With the relentless efforts of the Avikanagar Institute, death rate in the area twenty years ago, which was nearly 20 percent , has been reduced to 4 to 5 percent, which has given the farmers highly economic benefits. The program was conducted by Dr Devendra Kumar , Principal Scientist. In the same order today , May 1 , 2019 in village Bhipur 07:20 to 10:00 A veterinary camp was also organized in the camp, in which around 450 animals were treated and the vaccination was done. All the veterinary practitioners of the institute participated in the veterinary camp.Image titleImage title