Work On Ssr Markers Published In Frontiers In Plant Science



A joint publication of ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research and ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute

Sarika Jaiswal, Sonia Sheoran, Vasu Arora, U.B. Angadi, M.A. Iquebal, Nishu Raghav, Bharti Aneja, Deepender Kumar, Rajender Singh, Pradeep Sharma, G.P. Singh, Anil Rai, Ratan Tiwari, Dinesh Kumar

Trait improvement and management of wheat germplasm requires genomic resources. SSR being highly polymorphic and ubiquitously distributed in the genome, can be a marker of choice but there is no structured marker database with options to generate primer pairs for genotyping on desired chromosome/ physical location. Previously associated markers with different wheat trait are also not available in any database. TaSSRDBis an integrated online relational database accessible at in which chromosome-wise SSR calling for all the three sub genomes of wheat along with choice of motif types is provided in addition to the primer generation for desired marker. We report here a database of highest number of SSRs (476169) from complex, hexaploid wheat genome (~17 GB) along with previously reported 268 SSR markers associated with 11 traits. If physical location of the gene is known, it can be introgressed using closely linked SSR loci having allelic size difference in parental lines. These set of markers can be used in diversity analysis, traceability and variety identification. Phenotypic DUS testing limitations can be overcome by supplementation of SSR allelic profile based distinctness, uniformity among existing and stability among segregating population. Further, these markers can be used in differentiation of IV/EDV. These markers can also be used in seed purity and hybrid wheat testing programs. This genomic resource can not only accelerate the knowledge discovery, but can also be used in germplasm management in endeavor of wheat productivity.

Wheat Day

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Wheat Day was organised at ICAR-IIWBR on 28th March, 2018. Cooperators from various centres participated and made selections in trials and nurseries. Dr GP Singh, Director and Dr Ravish Chatrath, PI Crop Improvement interacted with the participants. The Wheat Day was organised by Dr Arun Gupta, the nodal scientist of Germplasm Unit of the Crop Improvement Division

Superannuation of Sh Nandan Singh, SSS

Sh. Nandan Singh, Skilled Supporting Staff of Division of Crop Protection superannuated on 31st March, 2018 after rendering a long dedicated service to the institute. He was one of the oldest staff of the institute.

Kisan Mela at village Hajwana

A Kisan Mela was organized by ICAR-IIWBR at Amrik Farm, Hajwana, Distt Kaithal on 2nd April, 2018. Dr GP Singh, Director, ICAR-IIWBR was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He interacted with the farmers and gave valuable guidance. The PIs of all the Divisions also interacted with the farmers. The team also visited the FLD trial of WB 2 sown by Happy Seeder at the farm. The Mela was organized by Dr Satyavir Singh, Dr Anuj Kumar, Dr Anil Khippal and their team.