With Axis stuck up to Himalayas, the Giants in West Bengal Dooars are rocking

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 12 Aug 2017 | read
Assam, Bihar and Jharkhand too are getting dumped by huge rains.
When ever the monsoon axis gets stuck up in the Himalayas foot hills and Tamil Nadu gets rains. In Tamil Nadu, there is no risk of floods, but all devastating floods in Bihar, Assam, West Bengal and Jharkhand have happened with this pattern. When all over India is silent, these areas are clocking huge rainfall for days. And with monsoon axis no sign of moving down for some more days, this is a flood which is going un-noticed. Soon there will be a stage, where it will hit headlines like the famous Kosi Floods in Bihar, if not that scale, still its pretty big rainfall happening there.

Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am in West Bengal on 12.08.2017
Hasimara - 478
Buxaduar - 445
Barobhisha -­ 440
Alipurduar­ - 390
Chepan­ - 320
NH ­31 - 295
Jalpaiguri­ - 295
Domohani­ - 250
Diana - 230,
Coochbehar­ - 233
Murti - ­200
Mathabhanga­ - 190
Dumka­ - 185
Neora­ - 170
Sevoke - 150
Gazoldoba­ - 140
Nagrakata - 120
Mohanpur - ­120
Bagdogra­ - 105
Bankura­ - 104
Malda - 102

Assam no signs of floods coming down with Gossaigaon recording 371 mm Bihar too in the foothills are getting heavy rains with Bahadurganj recording 324 mm, Taibpur 315 mm and Forbesganj 295 mm.

A video uploaded few hours ago -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZLeqY-Yd2I

Chennai Rains today
I know people will still ask "Sir Chennai ku" - so for them, action has already started in the outskirts of Chennai. Watch out in an short time. Rains are going to start in Chennai. I dont know whether i will be able to post so posting it in this post itself. Enjoy the weekend rains. Further, i want to know whether people are really reading my post till the end or just giving like.