Weather Report for Runners for Jawadhu Ultra Run on 6th August, 2017

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 05 Aug 2017 | read
Dont get feared by night rains, it will be mostly clear by start of the run.
It was a special place to drive. I just went last month to Jawadu Hills and though its not cold as other Hills stations. But it was one of a beauty to drive through. I had driven via Polur to the Jawadhu Hills and went through Jamunamarathur which is the core town of Jawadhu Hills. (Do try the food there, it was awesome) and went to Alangayam and then got down near Vaniyambadi and got connected through the Chennai-Bangalore Highway. It was one hell of an experience. Surely tomorrow the runners is going to enjoy.

Weather Report for Runner tomorrow early morning.
Rains: There is going to be good chances that some areas in Jawadhu Hills which will get rains at Night but dont worry, as the run starts the chances of rains will reduce.

Humidity: The humidity is going to be pretty high of over 70% at start during early morning. So be prepared to go with necessary fluids to avoid draining out. But as the day goes on the Humidity will reduce to around 40-50% and in the evenings it will again start to increase.

Temp: The early morning temp will be around 23-24 C by noon the temp will be around 31-32 C.

All the best for the runners.