Watermelon Cultivation Through Precision Farming – An Experience

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I have practiced the precision farming in watermelon in last year (2009). I would like to share the experience of watermelon cultivation.I have cultivated watermelon in 2.2 hectares of my land through precision farming drip irrigation system. I used Numhems company’s Pukeeza variety in one hectare of land and in remaining one hectare of land I cultivated Apoorva variety of Seminis Company’s.

Cultivation Practices

In the beginning stage of cultivation, I ploughed the land twice per month and applied farm yard manureat the rate of 2 loads per hectare. Then ploughed the land to get good tilth. Before last ploughing, applied 6 bags of D.A.P.+ 3 bags of Potash. After leveling the land, I digged a small canal and placed lateral pipes above the canal. Fixed at the rate of 1 lateral pipe per 5 feet and Irrigated for few minutes. Then,sowed one seed at every place of dripper.

I got loan from Bank for one hectare and remaining capital spent by myself to install drip system. For that,horticulture department gave 258 Kg of Potassium Nitrate fertilizer. From the day of transplanting, I gave 5 Kg potassium Nitrate + 5 Kg Urea through drip irrigation at three days interval.

After 15 days of planting, I have removed the weeds by engaging labourers. First weeding done at 3 Daysafter planting. Then, made a pit near every plant. Mixed 4 bags of potash + 4 bags of Urea and placedevenly into every pit and closed. I adjusted the lateral pipes properly to irrigate over the pit. After 35 daysof planting, applied 3 bags of 150 Kg Calcium ammonium Nitrate and irrigate the field evenly by thedrippers. Second hand weeding done at 40th day of planting. After 30th day and 40th day of planting,applied 10 liters of Humic acid evenly by the drip irrigation. In between this practice, I applied PotassiumNitrate + Urea at the rate of 5 KG/ha at three days of interval.

1. Sprayed Tata-Rogger @3ml/lit. at 12th day after planning by using hand pump.

2. Then, sprayed Endosulfan @3ml/lit. and Imida Chloride @1ml/2lit at 19th day after planting byusing hand pump.

3. After 25th day of planting,

Endosulfan @3ml/lit.

Imida Chloride @1ml/2lit.

Humic acid @3ml/lit.

Fantac @ 5ml/16 lit. sprayed by using the hand pump.

1. 33 days after planting,

Trizophos @5ml/lit.

Voltage(Flora) @ 10ml/tank

Humic Acid @ 3ml/lit

Spic Sytozyme 3ml/lit. sprayed by using the hand pump.

1. 40 day after planting

Trizophos @ 5ml/lit.

Chlopyriphos @5ml/lit.

Siaptron @ 2ml/lit.sprayed by using sprayer.

1. 50 day after planting

Voltage(Flora) @ 10ml/tank

Biovita @ 5 ml/lit.

Trizophos @ 5 ml/lit. sprayed by using sprayer.

Cost of Cultivation

1 Ploughing – 7 ploughs Rs.10,000

2 Farm Yard Manure- 4 loads Rs.4,000

3 D.A.P. Fertilizer -10 bags Rs.5,000

4 Potash Fertilizer-7 bags Rs.1,645

5 Urea Fertilizer-7 bags Rs.1,820

6 Calcium Ammonium Nitrate- 3bagsRs.2,250

7 First hand weeding Rs.1,600

8 Second hand weeding Rs.2,000

9 Forming ridges Rs. 600

10 Spraying pesticides Rs.13,660

11 Labour cost for spraying Rs. 3,000

Total           Rs.45,575

(Included the cost of 258 Kg Potassium Nitrate was given by horticulture department)


Nunhems Pukeeza variety watermelon /1 hectare of land

At first harvest got 55 tones of watermelon andI sold this at Rs.3100/ton 55*3100


At second harvest got 6 tonnes of watermelonand I sold this at Rs.1000/ton 6*1000




Seminis Apoorva Variety watermelon/1.2 hectare of landAt first harvest got 61 tonnes of watermelon and I sold atRs.3100/ton 61*3100

Rs.1, 89,100

At second harvest got 4 tonnes of watermelon and sold this atRs. 1000/ton 4*1000


Total                Rs.1, 93,100

Income from 2.2 hectares of land totally - Rs.1, 76,500 + Rs. 1, 93,100 = Rs.3, 69,600

Expenditure =Rs.45,575

Net income =Rs. 3, 24,025

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