Water level in Mullaperiyar dam up after rain in catchment areas

By Times Of India on 12 Jun 2018 | read
MADURAI: The water level in Mullaperiyar dam went up by over one-and-a-half feet on Sunday morning as the inflow to the dam increased due to heavy rain in catchment areas.
As monsoon season has set in Kerala, the catchment areas of major dams are receiving fairly good rainfall which has helped increase the inflow since Saturday. The water level in Mullaperiyar dam stood at 116.40 feet on Saturday, with an inflow of 730 cusecs and the storage which was 1,979 mcft on Saturday went up to 2,269 mcft on Sunday.

There was a spurt in the inflow of water to the dam on Sunday, which went up to 3,438 cusecs and the heavy inflow resulted in the water level in the dam going up to 118 feet. The level in the dam had been lesser by nearly eight feet during the same time last year. It had been about 110 feet, just two feet above its dead storage level of 108 feet.

Discharge from the dam, which had been 105 cusecs on Saturday was enhanced to 900 cusecs on Sunday morning according to PWD sources. Periyar area in Madurai received 88.4 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours which stopped on Sunday morning and Thekkady received 5 mm rainfall. The water level in Vaigai dam was 35.99 feet with storage of 666 mcft, but there was no inflow to the dam and 60 cusecs was discharged from it to meet the drinking water needs of the city.

Meanwhile, the day remained cloudy and cool in Madurai on Sunday and there were light drizzling in many parts of the city in the evening.

Tirunelveli and the other southern districts also experienced heavy to light showers. The water level in the major dams in Tirunelveli remained as follows, Pabanasam –143 feet, Servaralaru –156 feet, Manimutharu –118feet. Pabanasam recorded the highest rainfall of 120 mm in the last 24 hours.