Water from Amaravathi dam to reach Karur on Wednesday

By TheHindu on 02 Oct 2017 | read

The water released from the Amaravathi dam is expected to reach Karur on Wednesday. On Monday morning, 1800 cusecs was released from the dam. The dam level stood at 83.74 feet as against 90 feet when the water was released for irrigation in Tirupur, Erode and Karur districts. On normal circumstances, it will take at least six days to reach Karur. However, Public Works Department (PWD) officials expect that water will reach much earlier as there will be less chances of percolation on the river course due to recent rain. Moreover, there will not be much evaporation loss too.

“We have received reports that water flow is steady along the river course. It will not take more than four days to reach Karur. Officials have been asked to take effective steps to streamline the supply of water to the farmers in an appropriate manner,” Collector K. Govindaraj told The Hindu .

He said the farmers of Amaravathi ayacuts had already started the process of raising nurseries by utilising the recent rain.

S. Saravanan, Assistant Executive Engineer, Amaravathi sub basin, said that there were eighteen channels in Karur, Tiruppur and Erode districts that were being fed from the Amaravathi river. As per the plan, water would be supplied to the farmers for 15 days at a stretch so as to enable the farmers to speed up farming operation. There would be a few days break before the dam is reopened again for irrigation.

C. Jaisankar