Training On Prevention Of Zoonotic Diseases 05-11-2018

By Punjab Agricultural University on 05 Nov 2018 | read
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Zoonotic disease are those which spread from animals to human beings. To aware the farmers, a one day training on prevention of zoonotic disease was conducted at village Kahlon Distt Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar under the able guidance of Dr. Manoj Sharma , Associate Director (Trg), KVK Langroya . About 40 farmers and farm women participated in this training. During this training, Dr. Tejbeer Singh, Assistant Professor (Animal Science) told the farmers about various diseases which spreads from animals to human beings, their prevention, control and treatment. A special emphasis was given on brucellosis as it spreads very quickly from dairy animals to humans and animals, whose treatment is very hard even in human beings. He described the symptoms of brucellosis in animals like abortion in last trimester, retention of placenta in subsequent pregnancies, no fever and other signs. The farmers were advised to follow a protocol like isolate, testing of blood serum of suspected animals, not to touch placental remains and dead fetus with bare hands, proper burial in a pit with sprinkle of lime stone. Farmers were made aware that even if one animal is found positive for brucellosis; all the animals in herd should be tested. There is Other diseases like anthrax, bird flu, rabies, plague, various flukes and worms, Ebola Virus disease, giardia, glanders, leptospirosis, swine fever, toxocara, tuberculosis and newly found zika virus were also described. Dr. Gurinder Singh described the severity of problem of rabies which is spread mainly by dog and sometimes cat bites. He described symptoms, prevention and treatment of rabies. Various myths about rabies were also made clear by him. Farmers were told to take all precautions to prevent from exposure to these diseases. Most of the disease described above can be prevented by vaccination at specified ages and stages.