Thaneites bring home potted plants to beat the heat

By Times Of India on 10 Mar 2018 | read
Thane: From flowering and colourful plants to herb saplings and even creepers, the last few weeks have seen dozens of lake-city denizens flocking to plant nurseries to buy a variety of potted saplings to help them beat the summer heat.
Since the onset of summer, the mercury levels in the city have been on a constant rise and even crossed 40 degrees Celsius on some occasions.

As plants not only block the scorching sunrays from entering homes, they also purify the air. Many Thaneites have started lining their window grills with creepers amongst a number of other saplings.

While some denizens have been equipping their windows with floral saplings and creepers many others have been searching nurseries to buy herbs.

“Over the past two weeks we have seen a sudden rise in the sale. While a few are interested in flowers like sunflowers, marigold and others, most have been buying plants like coriander, chillies, curry leaves and other such hers that not only add to the greenery of their homes, but also are available for them to use for cooking. Many customers are not aware of how to take care of flowers, but are enthusiastic to learn and start gardening,” said Thakur S, owner of a plant nursery in Majiwada.

Many denizens seem to have also joined environmental groups and lectures to learn more about these saplings and maintaining them before purchasing them for their homes.

“Different plants have different requirements — be it the amount of water used for it, sunlight, light, space and so on. If there’s not enoug sunlilght in your house then you won’t be able to keep flowering plants at your home. However, herbs like coriander, chillies, curry leaves or leafy veggies like methi, spring onion and palak can thrive without much sunlight,” said Dr Manasi Joshi, a botanist from the city, who organises various lectures on gardening.

“There seems to be a tremendous rise in the number of citizens planning to start their window or terrace gardens, as the number of those coming for our lectures on maintaining these indoor plants has definitely risen. The main reason for this rise during summers could be the fact that these plants, in addition to blocking the harsh sunrays also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen thus purifying the air. And a garden also help in feeling relaxed and rejuvenated,” Dr Joshi added.