Terrace Gardening Shoots Up In Bangalore

By TheHindu on 10 Jul 2015 | read

Green effort:Rukmini S.N., principal of the Horticulture Training Centre, Lalbagh, conducting a workshop on kitchen and terrace gardening in Bangalore on Tuesday.— Photo: Gurpreet KaurIncreasing urbanisation is leading to an increase in the demand for kitchen and terrace gardening, said Rukmini S.N., Assistant Director and Principal of the Horticulture Training Centre, Lalbagh.

Delivering a talk on ‘Kitchen and terrace gardening’ as a part of a workshop on the same theme at Lalbagh here on Tuesday, Ms. Rukmini shared some important pointers with the 30-odd participants.

“Pot culture is important in a concrete jungle like Bangalore. Pots that are conical in shape can be used for growing plants. The soil should be black in colour and lightweight for the health of the plants,” she said.

About kitchen gardening, she said health conscious citizens these days prefer fresh vegetables over hybrid. “They maintain their own kitchen garden by nourishing the plants with organic manure rather than inorganic fertilizers. These practices save a lot of space and adds beauty to the environment and is economical,” she added. Explaining techniques such as potting, re-potting, pot mixture, sowing, plant propagation, which are useful in kitchen and terrace gardening, she also told the participants that horticulture acts like a therapy.

The workshop was organised by B.R. Ramachandra Rao Kale, general secretary of the Lalbahadur Mountaineering Institute, Mavalli, who said that it was important to teach students to grow plants in small spaces by utilising recycled products. Vertical spaces can be used to grow creepers, he added.

Many participants felt that the workshop was useful. “I gained a lot of knowledge about plants and the processes involved in gardening,” said 13-year-old Sumukha M.K.