Tamarind Farmers Expect Bumper Harvest

By TheHindu on 03 Nov 2016

HIGH YIELD: Raw tamarind is being processed at an auction market in Krishnagiri. - Photo: N. Bashkaran

S. Prasad

Annual production in Krishnagiri district alone is 12,000 tonnes

Krishnagiri: The tamarind farmers in the district expect a bumper harvest this year. The harvest is likely to commence in a week.

According to horticultural sources, there are about 3 lakh tamarind trees in Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts with a total area of 1,260 and 1,585 hectares respectively.

Growth of trees

The crop is mainly cultivated in Kelamangalam, Thally, Urigam, Denkanikottai and Berigai in the district. The increase in yield is mainly due to good rain last year, which has made the growth of the trees robust. But the cost of tamarind will be less compared to last year due to increase in productivity.

Unlike the other crops, tamarind does not require any protective measures and can withstand drought. The crop is disease and pest resistant and requires less irrigation facilities. A total of 40 odd auction centres in Krishnagiri town are involved in procurement of tamarind from throughout the State and neighbouring Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The annual production of tamarind in Krishnagiri district alone is 12,000 tonnes, the maximum in the State.

Along with this, unprocessed tamarind is also procured from northern states and sold by farmers to various auction centres in Krishnagiri at a commission of 5 to 6 per cent.


With the main season from January to March, the yield is kept in cold storage facility and released based on the fluctuations in the local market.

The price of tamarind in markets in Ranchi, Jabalpur and Bihar is decided based on the market price in Krishnagiri. Auction takes place on Thursdays and Sundays. At present, 1 kg of raw tamarind is sold at Rs.5 to Rs. 6 in the auction markets.