Suggestions For Successful Biological Control Programme In Oilseed Crops

By Agropedia on 08 Apr 2016 | read

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Suggestions for successful biological control programme in oil seed crops:

•Follow biologically based IPM approaches involving components like summer ploughing to expose resting stages of insect pests and pathogens to predatory birds and sun, suitable intercropping system which suppresses pests and encourage natural enemies, growing resistant cultivars, keeping bird perches to attract predatory birds, use trap crops, use of bio pesticides of microbial and botanical origin to keep pest load below economic threshold level (ETL).

•Keep pest population below ETL by following low cost cultural practices like hand collection and destruction of egg masses and early stage larvae of S.litura and hairy caterpillars by scouting across the field to encourage the activity of natural enemies.

•Use organic soil amendments like farm yard manure, neem/karanj/castor cakes, green manure etc., to improve antagonistic micro flora population in the soil and to reduce disease incidence.

•Grow few rows of crops like Lucerne/coriander that encourage activity of natural enemies in cropped area.

•Avoid indiscriminate use of pesticides to conserve natural enemies and toxic stress in the environment.