Subsidy to increase vegetable production using trellis method

By TheHindu on 05 Apr 2017 | read

The Department of Horticulture is set to disburse subsidy assistance to farmers to increase the yield of vegetables that are creeper in nature by using the trellis method.

“This is the first time that the subsidy is being planned to be extended for cultivation using trellis since such type of farming could result in improving the productivity by almost 20 per cent,” Deputy Director of Horticulture Mohammed Kalimullah Sherif told The Hindu .

As per the plan, subsidy assistance is to be given away to farmers cultivating bitter gourd, snake gourd, cucumber and other vegetables spread over 1,073 ha under hi-tech productivity enhancement programme.


Official sources said subsidy assistance would be restricted to Rs 1.55 lakh per hectare with the fund to be used to off-set the costs incurred to erect trellis, fencing and digging pits.

The usage of trellis instead of the predominant practice adopted by farmers of growing the creeper variety of plants on the ground itself to save capital cost, will help the agrarian community to enhance agronomical practices and improve irrigation as well as plant protection in the long run.

“Growing of the creeper varieties using trellis and under fenced environment will also prevent root decaying caused normally due to water-logging as well as reduce the labour charges significantly since application of fertilizer and harvesting becomes easier,” Mr. Sherif pointed out further.

The department also has plans to popularise the usage of trellis among the grapes growers in the district in the next phase.

For farmers cultivating bitter gourd, snake gourd, cucumber and other vegetables

R. Vimal Kumar