Seven Days Training Programme



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Seven days training programme was organized at the institute for 29 farmers from Sheikhpura District, Bihar, West Bengal during 3-9 November, 2017 on ‘Inland Fisheries Management’. A need assessment session was organized at the beginning of the training to identify the needs of the farmers. Based on that a structured schedule for training was developed. The fishers/fish farmers were trained on various aspects of inland fisheries management including feeding, disease management, wetland fisheries etc. Field exposure visits were also arranged to wetlands ,farmers field and fish market to make the trainees aware about inland fisheries management and the marketing systems. Dr. B.K Das, Director, CIFRI interacted with the trainess and also gave discussed on various aspects of inland fisheries with special reference to livelihood improvement. The feedback of the farmers depicts that, 91% of the farmres perceived the training programme was very much effective for them for their livelihood improvement. A total of 46% of the trainees were above the age group of forty. The training programme was coordinated by Dr. Archan Das and Dr.Aparna Roy.