Selection Of Seed Nuts

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 22 Jun 2016 | read

Harvest seednuts during the months of February - August in Tamil Nadu, December to May in Kerala to get maximum germination and good quality seedlings.  Generally seed nuts are harvested during February-May and planted in June in the west coast region, whereas sowing is done in October-November in East Coast region. Nut should not be damaged while harvesting. Discard nuts having irregular shape and size. Tall varieties are sown one or two months after collection whereas dwarfs should be sown immediately after harvest (within 10 to 15 days).

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Maturity of Seed nut: The mature nuts are harvested when atleast one nut in the oldest bunch starts becoming dry. In Talls, it takes 11-12 months to become a matured seed nut whereas in dwarfs, nuts will mature in 10-11 months after emergence of the inflorescence. In general dwarf palms are to be harvested once in four weeks and tall palms are to be harvested once in six to eight weeks. They produce a resonant and ringing sound when hit with the harvesting knife or tapped by finger indicating that the husk is dry. Immature nuts will produce a dull sound. Harvest the bunches intended for seednut by lowering them to the ground using a rope to avoid injury to seednuts when palms are tall and ground is hard. The seednuts should be medium sized, round or oblong in shape.