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What to Do?

    • Always use recommended variety of seeds as per local climate and adopt recommended seed rate and other package of practices.
    • Replace seeds of wheat, paddy, barley, pulses (except arhar),oilseeds (except rapeseed, mustard and sunflower) once in three years, seeds of maize, bajra, jowar, arhar, rapeseed, mustard and sunflower once in two years and hybrid/Bt seeds every year.
    • Always procure certified seeds from authorized agencies and store the seeds in a cool, dry and clean place.
    • Always use treated seeds for sowing and test for quality parameters like purity, germination, free from weed seed etc., before sowing.

What Can You Get?

S.NoCropAssistance on Distribution of Certified SeedsScheme/ Component
AAssistance for seed distribution
1(i) HYV seeds of Paddy and Wheat
(ii) Hybrid Paddy seeds
(i) Rs. 10/- per kg or 50% of the cost whichever is less
(ii) Rs.50/- per kg or 50% of the cost whichever is less
National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
2Coarse cereals
(i) Hybrid seeds
(ii) HYV seeds
Rs. 50/- per kg or 50% of cost whichever is lessRs. 15/- per kg or 50% of cost whichever is lessNFSM
3Pulses (arhar, moong, urad,
lentil, field pea, gram, rajma and moth)
HYV seeds ` 25 per kg or 50% of the cost whicheverNFSM
4Oilseeds (groundnut,
sunflower, toria, safflower,
mustard, rapeseed, til and

50% of the cost or Rs.12/- per kg whichever is less for varieties/composites of oil seeds which are not older than 10 years.

Hybrids: 50% of the cost with a ceiling of Rs. 25/- per kg of hybrids, which are not older than 10 years.

5Oil palm sprouts85% of the cost of planting material limited to Rs 8000/- per ha for the entire landholding of the farmer.NMOOP
6For all crops,distribution of foundation/certified seeds for production of quality seeds to improve thequality of farm-saved seeds
50% of the cost of seeds of cereals, 60% of the cost of seeds of oilseeds, pulses, fodder, green manure crops etc. required for a one-acre area per farmerNational Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (NMAET), Sub- Mission on Seed and Planting Material (SMSP) and Seed Village Programme.
7Distribution of foundation/certified seeds of oilseeds,pulses, fodder, green manure crops etc., for farmers, SHGs, FPOs etc. (GOI Share 75% and State share 25%)75% cost of seeds of oilseeds, pulses, fodder, green manure crops etc.NMAET, Sub Mission on Seeds and Planting Material under certified production of oilseeds,pulses, fodder and green manure crops through Seed Village Programme
8Cultivation cost as assistance for gestation period for oil palm50% of cost during gestation period for three years with a ceiling of Rs.14,000/- per hectareNMOOP
9Jute and Mesta Seed Village ProgrammeRs. 5500/- per quintal of certified seed producedNFSM Commercial Crops (Jute)
10Purchase of breeder seeds of oilseeds from ICAR and SAUsFull cost of breeder seeds as fixed by Seed Division of DACNMOOP
BAssistance for production of foundation and certified Seeds
11Purchase of breeder seeds ofPulses from ICAR/SAUsFull cost of breeder seeds as fixed by Seeds DivisionNFSM
12Assistance for boosting seed production in private sector including individual/ entrepreneurs, self help groups etc.Credit-linked back-ended capital subsidy at the rate of 40% of project cost in general areas and 50% in case of hill areas and scheduled areas subject to upper limit of Rs 150 lakhs per projectNMAET, Sub Missionon Seeds and Planting Material (SMSP) under Assistance for Boosting of Seed Production in Private Sector.
CFor all Oilseeds Crops
13Assistance for production of Foundation SeedsRs 1000/- per quintal for all varieties/hybrids released during the last 10 years and an additional assistance of Rs 100/- per quintal on the varieties/hybrids released in the last 5 years. 75% of subsidy amount is meant for farmers and 25% for seed producing agencies for meeting expenditure towards certification and production etc.(SDAs/ NSC/ SFCI/ NAFED/ KRIBHCO/IFFCO/HIL/IFFDC/Central Multi State Cooperatives such as NCCF.)NMOOP
14Production of Certified Seeds- Do -NMOOP
15Seed Infrastructure DevelopmentThe support for continuation of already approved seed infrastructure projects to States/Agencies under ISOPOM during eleventh plan period will continue. Allocation would be restricted to maximum of 1% of total outlay under the Mini Mission-I on Oilseeds of NMOOP for the entire implementation period during the Twelfth Plan on 100% basis.NMOOP
16Variety Specific Targeted Seed

75% cost of seed production to NSC/SFCI/selected SSCs/State Government Agencies/ICAR/SAUs and its KVKs,farms, international institutions etc., in project mode,subject to requirement of foundation /certified seed and availability of breeder foundation seeds.

Eligibility: Varieties /hybrids not older than 5 years.


Whom to Contact?

District Agriculture Officer, District Seed Certification Officer, State Seed Corporation and Project Director, ATMA.

Source:Department of Agriculture & Cooperation