Seedless Salad Cucumber Brings Good Returns

By TheHindu on 19 Aug 2016 | read

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 The seedless salad cucumber hybrid developed by Kerala Agricultural University ( KAU) has provided attractive revenue for farmers with its better yield and relatively lighter seed cost. While hybrid seeds commonly used for polyhouse cultivation sourced from multinationals cost Rs. 5,000 per ten cents, the KAU hybrid seeds for the same area costs Rs.500.

“The KAU is the first public sector institution in South India to develop seedless cucumber. The hybrid, named KPCH -1, yielded dark green long (20 cm) fruits weighing 240 grams and can be stored up to one week at room temperature. It gives a promising yield of five tonnes from ten cents,” said T. Pradeepkumar, who developed the hybrid. Salikutty Joseph, Head, Department of Olericulture, said limited quantity of KPCH-1 seeds are ready for distribution on a first come, first served basis. The contact number is 0487 2438482.