Seed Village Programme - Scheme

By on 15 May 2016

Theme Name
Type of Assistance
Pattern of Assistance
Assistance for procuring seeds storage bin of 20 qtl. Capacity.

25% of the cost subject to maximum of ₹  2000/- (33% of the cost subject to a maximum of ₹ 3000/- for SC/ST farmers).

Assistance for making seeds storage bin of 10 qtl. capacity

25% subject to maximum of ₹ 1000/-@ 33% subject to maximum of ₹ 1500/- to SC/ST farmers

For all crops Distribution of foundation/certified seeds for production of quality seeds to improve the quality of farm saved seeds
50% of the cost of seeds.
Assistance for training on seed production and seed technology for a group of 50 to 150 farmers.

₹15,000 per Training (for three day training day training): (i) At the time of sowing of seed crop: training on seed production technique, isolation distance, sowing practices, other agronomic practices. (ii) At the time of flower initiation stage of the crop. (iii) After harvest and at the time of seed crocessing.

Training and Extension for Farmers
Training of groups of 50-150 farmers on seed production and seed technology

₹ 15000/ group