Seed Technology - Pulses - Blackgram

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Land requirement
  • Land should be free of volunteer plants.
  • The previous crop should not be the same variety or other varieties of the same crop.
  • It can be the same variety if it is certified as per the procedures of certification agency
  • Isolation
  • For certified / quality seed production leave a distance of 5 m all around the field from the same and other varieties of the crop

  Image titleLand Selection

Pre-sowing seed treatment
  • Remove all discoloured seeds and use only normal coloured seeds (black coloured in blackgram).
  • Do not select bruchid infested seeds for sowing.
  • If the presence of hard seed percentage exceeds more than 10 %, scarify the seeds with commercial H2SO4 for 2 min.
  • Both for the garden and dry land ecosystem, harden the greengram seeds in 100 ppm MnSO4 for 3h in a seed to solution ratio of 1:0.3 and for  blackgram seeds in 100 ppm ZnSO4 for 3 h in a seed to solution ratio of 1:0.3 and dry back the seeds to original seed moisture content (8 - 9%) under shade (or)
  • In blackgram, fortify the seeds with ZnSO4 0.2%, MnSO4 0.2% and Na2MO4 0.1% in 1/3 volume to enhance the field establishment under irrigated conditions (or)
  • In both the crops as organic treatment, soak the seeds in 3 % cowpea sprout extract for 3 h in seed to solution ratio of 3:1 ratio.
  • In mine spoils, soak seeds with 100 ppm ZnSO4 for 3 h in seed solution ratio of 1:1 and  coat with  black polykote @ 3 g/ kg + carbendazim @ 2g / kg + dimethoate @ 5 ml / kg+ DAP @ 30 g kg-1 + micro nutrient mixture @ 20 g / kg + Rhizobium @ 30 g / kg suitable for mine soils

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Basin formation
Flowering Stage
Pod Formation


  • NPK @ 25 : 50 : 25 kg / ha + 5 kg / ha of TN micro nutrient mixture
  • Spray 2% DAP at the time of first appearance of flowers and a second spray 15 days after first spray for enhanced seed set.
  • Spray  NAA 40 ppm at first flowering and a second spray after a fortnight to reduce the flower drop.NAA can be mixed with insecticides and fungicides.
  • Spray  0.1 % brassinoloid on 35th and 45th day after sowing (or) spray with 3 % cowpea extract at 30 days after  sowing  (or) spray with 0.5 % Nutrigold at 30 / 40 days after sowing
Foliar application
  • Harvest the pods 30 days after the 50 per cent flowering for blackgram and   greengram.
  • At this stage the colour of majority of the pods (80%) will be black in blackgram and brown in greengram.
  • The pod moisture content will be about 17 – 18%. 
  • Harvest the pods as pickings if the flowering period is longer.
  • Dry the pods to 13 to 15 per cent moisture content


  • Thresh the pods either with pliable bamboo stick or pulse thresher
  • Drying
  • Dry the seeds to 8 - 9 per cent moisture content

Harvesting stage
Seed grading
  • Grade the seeds using BSS 7 x 7 wire mesh sieve for large seeded varieties.
  • Do not select the discoloured and broken seeds for seed

Seed treatment

  • Slurry treat the seeds with  carbendazim @ 2g  kg-1 of seed along with carbaryl @ 200 mg kg-1 of seed (or)
  • Slurry treat the seeds with halogen mixture (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 + arappu  (Albizzia amara) leaf powder mixed in the ratio of 5:4:1 )  @ 3g kg-1 of seed  as eco – friendly  treatment
  • Treat the seed with neem oil/ groundnut oil or leaf   powder of tobacco/ notchi/ neem/ Albizzia amara (arappu) or fruit rind powder of Sapindus laurifolius (Poochi kottai) or Acacia concinna (Soapnut powder) in the ratio of 1:100.  (or)
  • Expose the seeds thrice with 50 % CO2 (4 days for 50 kg container) at 8 % moisture content at 15 days interval
  • Store the seeds in gunny or cloth bags for short term storage (8-9 months) with seed moisture content of 8 – 9%.
  • Store the seeds in polylined gunny bag for medium term storage (12- 15 months) with seed moisture content of  8 – 9 %.
  • Store the seeds in 700 gauge polythene bag for long term storage (more than15 months) with seed moisture content of less than 8