Scale Insects On Clove

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Scale insects

Several species of scale insects attack clove trees. Infestation of scales mainly occurs on seedlings in the nursery and sometimes young plants in the field. They infest leaves and tender shoots and are usually seen clustered together on tender shoots and lower surface of leaves. The scale insects generally found on clove include wax scale (Ceroplastes floridensis), shield scale (Pulvinaria psidii), masked scale (Mycetaspis personata) and soft scale (Kilifia acuminata).


Scale insects feed on plant sap, leading to yellow spots on leaves and wilting of shoots. In some cases, the leaves become completely yellowish in color and may finally fall down.    The affected plants show a sickly appearance. The attacked young seedlings are killed within a short time.


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Spraying 0.05% dimethoate or monocrotophos or 0.025% quinalphos is effective for the management of scale insects.