Sapota Intercultural Operations

By National Horticulture Board on 21 May 2016


Weed Control

Weeds should be regularly removed from the basin. In young plantations pre-emergence application of Bromacil 2kg a.i./ha or Diuron 2kg a.i./ha has been found effective in controlling the weed population for 10-12 months.


Inter cropping in widely spaced plantations is economical. Fruits crops like banana, papaya, pineapple;vegetables like French bean, tomato, brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower; cucurbits and flowers like lily can be grown successfully depending upon the climate and water resources.


Pruning is normally done during winter to give shape and reduce the overcrowding of branches.Pruning is important as the flowers and fruits are borne on those branches, which receive maximum air sunlight.