Rubber Board Chairman Stresses On Improving Quality Of Planting Materials

By TheHindu on 18 Oct 2016 | read


The Rubber Board Chairman, A Ajith Kumar, has stressed the need for improving the quality of planting materials to enhance productivity.

In the changing scenario, he said there is a need to increase production and quality of planting materials which is an important factor in determining the productivity. This would make rubber production remunerative, the Chairman said, while launching a scheme for registration of rubber nurseries and certification of planting materials at the Rubber Research Institute of India.

Initially the registration and certification of planting materials will be given to rubber nurseries who voluntarily apply for it. However, the cooperation of rubber nursery owners and growers are essential for the success of the scheme which is important in increasing production, productivity and profitability from rubber cultivation, he said.

Meanwhile the board’s initiatives to enhance production are showing results with a 4.47 per cent increase in the first four months of the current fiscal.

This indicates that the efforts implemented during this year through better agricultural practices to achieve a production target of 654,000 tonnes and productivity of 1,500kg/ha is yielding results.

Production in 2015-16 was 563,000 tonnes with a productivity of 1437 kg per ha, senior officials told BusinessLine.