Roadside shops usher in cool breeze for gardeners

By TheHindu on 11 Mar 2017 | read
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While many have been fretting over the harsh rays of the sun over the few days, gardeners here have something to rejoice.

Choices aplenty

Gardening is becoming more of rare hobby these days what with urbanisation and flat culture occupying lands in the town. As a reprieve, roadside vendors are seen selling flower and vegetable plants of different varieties here.

Kaliyaperumal and Muniappan from Kalimedu village near here have been regularly selling flower and vegetable plants alongside Medical College Road near Annai Sathya stadium. The duo has been reaped in good sales by those who wish to use plants as ornamentation in their houses. A wide variety of plants, including roses, jasmine, balsums, crotons, fruit saplings like guava, sapotta, and medicinal plants like thulasi, are sold.

“We purchase the plants in Bangalore and bring them here in lorries. We are from Devakottai but now settled at Kalimedu village. Business is good as people love gardening,” says Mr.Kaliyaperumal.

Jayashanthi of Cauvery Nagar who purchased crotons on Wednesday, says “We have rose and jasmine plants at home. I buy crotons for ornamentation.”

Commenting that plants are sold anywhere between Rs.20 to Rs.250, Mr.Kaliyaperumal says that they even travel up to Chennai to sell the plants.

Both Mr.Kaliyaperumal and Mr.Muniappan stay near the stadium and water the plants by bringing water from the nearby borewell.

Some plants are kept in syntax tanks too.

Plants are sold near Cosmopolitan club on Tiruchi road also.