Rich yield from black gram farming

By TheHindu on 13 Nov 2016

A group of enthusiastic farmers have proved that Kerala’s climatic conditions are favourable for cultivation of black gram. The leguminous pulse crop has been successfully raised by Mahima, a group of 15 women, engaged in works under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, in Ward 15 of Cheriyanad grama panchayat in Chengannur.

On four cents

The group took 90 cents of land on lease for group farming and cultivated tapioca, elephant foot yam, colocasia, and green gram. The women took up black gram cultivation on a trial basis on four cents of land and found it successful. The harvest was made after one and half months of sowing. Encouraged by the short harvesting period and good returns, they have raised a second crop and are awaiting harvest.

Black gram is generally cultivated in States such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The higher market value of the crop could be reason enough to expand the area under black gram cultivation, according to farm experts.